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A journey to the ancestors of Qigong

This meditation is the result of a vision that I had as a teenager. For many years I dreamt of Taiji/Qigong masters that lived long before the concepts of Taiji/Qigong were born. 

Masters that lived in harmony with the environment. 

Their inner nature worked together with the outer nature and vice versa. 

It is time to see behind concepts and techniques - resurrect the energy of the ancestors and live and move again in harmony.

Love to hear your insights concerning your experience. 


Audio & Video Post-Productie:

Music: Dream Journey








Forgotten movements to remember ourself

Hello, This meditation is the result of a deep wish…a connection with all that we have forgotten.
Meditation: Wim Stultiens
Audio: Nathalie Malecki
Video Post-Productie:
Music: Native American Flute by Ephemeral Rift

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