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A deep tissue massage is a powerful way to bring your body back into balance.


It is an in-depth massage that focuses on the connective tissue around your muscles.

With my hands, forearms and elbows I make slow massage techniques so that your connective tissue loosens and your muscles receives more space again.


A deep tissue massage is not the most gentle massage, so I gradually build up the pressure. Through kneading techniques, depth effleurages, intermittent pressing, frictions I locally stimulate the circulation of oxygen and blood, so that adhesions and cramped muscles are released.


With a deep tissue massage you get an incredible result in a short time. It differs from other massages because it focuses more on a zone. For example back, neck and shoulders.

Deep Tissue

A relaxation massage is a soft and peaceful massage and is intended for those who want to relax their body and mind in a friendly way.


This massage is very suitable for people who are under pressure on a daily basis. But even if you have no complaints, this is of course a very satisfying massage where you can continue with new energy.


The techniques I use in relaxation massage include gentle pressing, kneading, stroking and rubbing movements with my hands.


Sufficient attention is always paid to the back and shoulders, because stress and tension often settle there. 


Prior to the massage, complaints and points of attention can be discussed. This way I can adjust the pressure of the massage if necessary.


Relaxation massage

Deep Tissue and relaxation massages are just a few of the possibilities.

I can also support your proces with craniosacral therapy, ayuvedic, coaching, ...but i prefer the fusion style :-) 

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You can also book your massage directly at Elaisa Energetic Wellness.

Here I give different massages, I guide the Temazcal and I am the organizer of the inner retreats.

Elaisa's website can be viewed here.

The massage oil i use is apricot kernel oil. (Bio)

No artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives are added to this oil. 

It is always important to inform me as a masseur about pregnancy, undergone operations or injuries.

Contraindications for massages: when should a massage not be applied?

For growths, open wounds, infectious skin diseases, chronic infectious diseases, heart complaints and serious vascular disorders.

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