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In a world full of physical techniques and tricks we know all kinds of ways to move our 206 bones and 640 muscles, yet we often experience a feeling that there is something missing.
We are indeed far from being mere robots, and we need more than a technical or mechanical practice.

Our true inner desire is to practice movements that are most relevant to real-life situations. And more still, we want to develop movements whose purpose is to sustain and help us grow. Movement which is aligned with natural dynamics is a matter of self-management. It involves using our three bodily “worlds” in a specific direction of movement.

... Upwards, our head is lifted, receptive for insights and clear vision. In this way we remain aware that just the right amount of fantasy or dreams creates the atmosphere required to keep bright eyes as we undertake the work that has to be done. When we practice clearing the clouds from our inner skies, life becomes so much lighter.

... Horizontal is the natural workout space of our torso, by which we connect with other human beings. In this “world”, our lungs expand and release, just as our arms extend and contract in order to connect, reach out, share or help us move forward through life.

... Downwards, our legs represent our sturdiness and solidity. Here lies the foundation upon which we can rely and which provides a sense of self-assurance.
Like earth or roots they follow a downward direction for optimal functioning. It is our active gravity that creates a solid base of support and trust within and around us.

Reconenctive Bodywork is a practice where you are the director, you are in charge of maintaining your three bodily worlds equally active, open and alive. 

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