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We humans are, by natural design, much like electromagnetic antennas. The quality of our receptions and transmissions - or the way we are wired and the outcomes we experience - are easily affected by our emotions, by the people around us or even by a glass of wine. 

Natural Movement creates the conditions which enable us to use this "antenna" more refined and to progressively strengthen it until it becomes like an inner pillar. It is a physical practice in which we consciously canalize, purify and empower this pillar. By doing so we are able to use, and even choose, our own energy more wisely in order to cope more easily with the constant changes in our daily lives.


The healthier our pillar is, the wiser we use our energy, and the more efficient and revitalised our body and mind become. This efficiency will in turn improve the way we feel and inspire us to express our talents and take original action. 

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