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In July 2023 I participated at the World Championship Massage in Copenhagen.
So nice to meet 220 participants - 50 nationalities - with a common purpose in this world...massage.
More about The World Championship or The International Massage Association look here

Tamir Gal (Israël), a very nice man and amazing therapist, was at the world massage championship 2023

the head of judges in the category: Free style eastern oriented. In this category we did our 4 hands massage.

This is what he wrote about us. 🙏🏻


"I had the privilege of seeing the impressive performance of the Belgian couple for the 4 hands treatment,

they bring the massage in a new way and outside the box in that the treatment is accompanied

by an experience of harmonious and synchronized work at a high professional level between the pair of therapists

and it is also reflected in the asymmetry simultaneous work of opposite hand and foot, work and stretching in a combination of fabrics.

Highly recommended as an exceptional experience."


And Florance from France..she was sitting in the auditorium…Stijn approached her and asked if she wanted to be our model. 

This is what she posted on her social media afterwards 🙂🙏🏻 


….”And to top it off, the Belgians took care of me during my stay in Copenhagen.

A 4 hands massage that I have run out of words to describe what I experienced on that table. A unique care, a real presence and attention for me alone. Because even if it was to participate in the championship I felt like I was a priority during this fairytale massage.

Thank you” @stijnbijnens and @wimstultiens


We discovered that there is so much potential in joining hands for the benefit of a client. 

We believe that 4 hands massage is a practice that combines a specific kind of functionality (the therapeutical) with inner flow (well-being). 

But we also noticed that each session creates a story about vulnerability and the feeling of surrender and trust. 


We don’t know if there are many men who are practicing 4 hands massage together.

So we hope to inspire and to motivate all the men to connect and to start learning from each other. 
Of course our massages and workshop are open for everybody.  

If you are interested in our 4 hands massage workshops...sent us a message.

We have got your back ;-)

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