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Reconnective Bodywork aims to inspire and educate health conscious people who wish to benefit from a physical practice based on natural dynamics. 

Reconnective Bodywork aims to inspire and educate health conscious people who wish to benefit from a physical practice based on natural dynamics. 


The primal connection between human beings and natural dynamics is not merely a luxury but in fact a requirement for both our health and happiness.

Whether we are aware of it or not, our loss of connection with nature is not just a psychological one but also a physical one. The deficiencies we may experience due to this disconnection can manifest themselves as a loss of identity, vitality, creativity and/or efficiency. 

Modern science uses nature as a source of inspiration to overcome difficulties of all kinds. But on a human level we also need a discipline that can uplift and empower us.

Reconnective Bodywork is a physical practice based on natural dynamics that helps us become stronger, healthier and more alive, naturally. 


“Connecting with nature allows the prefrontal cortex, the brain’s command center,
to dial down and rest.” 
Have you tried movements based on natural dynamics 


The 3 elements of Reconnective Bodywork

The 3 elemens
Canalize your Energy

We humans are, by natural design, much like electromagnetic antennas. The quality of our receptions and transmissions – or the way are are wired and the outcomes we experience are easily affected by our emotions, by the people around us, or even by a glass of wine.

A Three - directional  practice

In a world full of physical techniques and tricks we know all kinds of ways to move our 206 bones and 640 muscles, yet we often experience a feeling that there is something missing.
We are indeed far from being mere robots, and we need more than a technical or mechanical workout.

Making Things Nice

Yes! We have to embrace our power to co-create a healthier future.
Not only for ourselves.
There is a need for global awareness and the necessity of organic farming, sustainable initiatives, up-cycling, ...a more conscious way of living.


"I ran across Wim during a work seminar in Belgium. The organizer had planned a morning relaxation session and asked me,

a regular yoga practitioner to lead the workshop the previous day! I was relieved to see Wim show up that morning who lead

us gently together into a very attentive and mindful state. Sharing physical and spiritual energy through synchronized movements

was a powerful and inspiring experience, immediately accessible to all of us, including the stiff ones. 

No pain, no grunting, no nervous laughing or tensions, we left the room charged with energy and grace. 

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us." 
Claud Philoche - Director Engie (GDF Suez)

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Reconnective Bodywork is an inspirational workshop with movements based on natural dynamics.

During this workshop we learn to explore and refine the connection with our body, mind and spirit.
The exercises are accessible, natural, simple and powerful.

Starting from a clear context each participant will be guided, without any background requirements, into the following foundations of Reconnective Bodywork: 


- Exploring Self-regulating principles from nature to find inner stability, flexibility and health.

- Discovering ancestral Qigong and movements based on indigenous peoples.

- Moving your body through dialogue with the 3 worlds: Earth - Human - Heaven.

- Using rituals for exploring intention and coherence.

- Playing with the space to step out of the known and create a more natural version of yourself.
- Self-reflection as a key to natural self-development.
- Directing your own life force energy: how to create the right energy balance to function optimally.


Workshops are held in Dutch or English (or translated to French). 


Allow me to offer a warm yet powerful invitation, through Reconnective Bodywork, to re-align,

re-connect and restore and to meet with yourselves and with each other, as a healthy morning start

to the day or as a natural, replenishing break before or during seminars, conferences, events, etc...


Please contact me for any further information. 


Workshops & More


Fall 2024

Workshop Reconnective Bodywork

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Elke dinsdagavond

Forest Meditation


Winter 2024

Workshop Reconnective Bodywork



Guided Meditations


Fusion Massage


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Videos - Reconnective Bodywork

For each participant of Reconnective Bodywork the amount for planting a tree will be donated.
Lignaverda brings back life and prosperity to areas affected by desertification.
They focus on: Desertification is stopped, Better water management, More biodiversity, Enterprising women

More info about Lignaverda via


About the founder

Hello, my name is Wim Stultiens. 
I was born on the coordinates lat.

N 51°10’56.3848” long. E 4°25’19.035”

My search for the ancestral roots of Qigong led me to an Indonesian master, who took me inside the jungles. There I came in contact with the movement experience of indigenous peoples. They shared in an almost pre-Taoist or shamanistic way: A 'dialogue' with natural dynamics. It inspired me to look at movement patterns of indigenous peoples worldwide.

Since then I have been living back to basics in a forest for over 6 years to further develop and refine Reconnective Bodywork.

In 2005 I founded Moving as One for the Belgian Taiji and Qi Gong world. The objective of this platform was building bridges: making eastern perspectives understandable for western brains. I organized training courses and national/international events for teachers and students for 10 years. 

My professional breakthrough came in 2006 when I was invited to participate in the Plato assignment of the Chamber of Commerce.
I created a company named Ziran and worked for 8 years as a personal trainer as well as hosting team-building training courses and workshops, for a number of different companies such as: 

Alcatel-Lucent | Oracle | Luminus SPE | Genzyme | Daikin | Alphatron | Eurocontrol | Pfizer | Acerta | Thomas & Betts | CFE | Fidea | SD Worx | Distrigas | Ernst & Young | Procter & Gamble | Boiron - Unda | Akzo Nobel | UCB | Merck Sharp & Dohme | Intervet Schering | VF Europe | Carrefour | Ipsen | Technum/Tractebel | McKinsey | Telenet | Exxon | …


I consider myself as a bridge-builder between the world of formless and form and it is my calling to let nature permeate into bodywork.

I am currently also working as a massage therapist, Temazcal facilitator and organizer of the workshops and arrangements at Elaisa Energetic Wellness. Have a look at their website.


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